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When I tell people what I do for a living so many people say, "I wish I could sing. You must be so talented. You wouldn’t want to hear me sing." I find this quite sad, and it motivates me to want to help people.

Jo Estill quote: 
“More people want to sing than do sing.”

I was having a blood test one day, the nurse asked me what I do... “I’m a singer and singing teacher.” She said, "I could never sing." I replied, "Well I could never take blood and do what you’re doing, 'cos I haven’t learnt how to do it." She was most happy with my comparison.

We came to the resolve that it's what you spend time doing that makes you better at it. Innate talent is advantageous but not the be all and end all.

As my PT says, “'Time in the movement'” is what improves skill."
For Professional voice users. Anyone requiring their voice to perform their job. An extensive list! Public speakers, Teachers, presenters, gym and sports instructors, Dance teachers, Actors and directors, Managers, sales representatives, etc. Workshops for large and small groups and individual sessions are available.

Level: Beginners to advanced

Session includes: This can be very specific and tailored to the needs of the client.


Group – Tailored to suit situation. Quotes available – Contact Kit [info @ kitwithers.com]

One on one – $45 per ½ hour. Can be taken in 30, 45 and 60 increments

I focus on developing Healthy Vocal technique and understanding the voice.

When students know how and what they did to achieve a sound it takes the mystery out of creating a sound and they can recreate it without just crossing their fingers and hoping it will work.

Vocal Warmups and cool down. To help prepare for singing and also cool down afterwards these skills also help assess your vocal health.

Developing repertoire – students or my selections

Performance skills and confidence

Connecting to the repertoire

Trouble shooting

Diction and phrasing

Breath awareness and control

And more…

Range of Genres Contemporary, Jazz, Music Theatre, Country, R&B most styles really.

Level: Beginners to advanced

Session includes: Sessions are generally tailored to the needs of the individual. Generally they include Vocal Technique, understanding the voice, Repertoire.


One on one – $45 per ½ hour. Can be taken in 30, 45 and 60 increments.

Kit is available as a voice specialist in Theatre.

She can assist with singing and spoken word.

Including solo singing and ensemble singing, Diction, vocal quality, vocal health.

Level: Beginners to advanced

Session includes: As is needed by the company, school or individual.

Price: POA

Voices can get injured or tired for many reasons.

Such as:

Not knowing how to create a vocal sound healthily, not knowing what to do if you have injured yourself. Recovering from an illness, etc.

Level: Beginners to advanced

Session includes: One on one sessions addressing the needs of the individual.

Exercises for remediation and developing understanding of the voice and how to look after it.

Price: One on one sessions $45 per ½ hour. Can be taken in 30, 45 and 60 increments.


Things to know.

Available to help give you a picture of where your voice is now and work out a direction. We can discuss your vocal goals, whether that be auditions, repertoire development, public speaking, technique, vocal remediation, confidence, singing for personal enjoyment or something else.

Vocal assessments are $55 (30mins).

VOICE (one on one and online sessions)  $45 per ½ hour. Can be taken in 30, 45 and 60 increments

GUITAR and PIANO (one on one and online sessions)  $32 – $35  Can be taken in 30, 45 and 60 increments


Arrive a few minutes early to your lesson.

Equipment supplied at the studios are – pianos, amps (not leads), music stands.


your instrument;

a notebook;

A folder for sheet music and lyric sheets is advantageous so notes can be added, and you can refer to them later. Or a device that you can do this on;

A list of artists and songs you like.

Lessons are generally booked for a term, other options are available.

Contact us to secure your time 0401549359 or info@kitwithers.com

Payment is required prior to the lesson. An invoice will be emailed to you with banking details for EFT included.

24 hours notice is required if cancelling a lesson, or payment is required.

If teachers cancel a lesson, it will be made up or credited to the following term.


Wednesday day and evening Mt Barker.

Thursday Day and evening Norwood.

Friday Day and evening Norwood.

Saturday Mornings Mt Barker.


Monday and Wednesday Mt Barker.

All ages are welcome from beginners to advanced.

We have had students as young as 8 and over 80!

In saying that, for 30 minute one on one sessions its usually best if the student is at least 10, but this depends on the individual.

Are available all year ’round, and are often a great way to get a friend started on a journey they have wanted to embark on.

Vouchers can be emailed or printed to suit your preference.

Contact Kit 0401549359 or info@kitwithers.com to organise a voucher today.


Live Performance.

Catherine has performed in live outfits from disco funk to 9 piece Latin bands to pop/rock & jazz and vocal jazz ensembles. Performing keeps her connected as a vocal educator.

Music Tuition.

At the Mt Barker School of Music, we provide music tuition for a range of instruments. Our qualified teachers cover a range of styles and techniques for beginners to advanced.


What Clients Say.

"Kit has a genuine approach to teaching and has refreshed my passion for music, not just singing. Our sessions leave me energised and Kit’s extensive experience enables me to experiment with all genres of music. Kit knows when I need to be challenged and leads the way with great support. I thoroughly enjoy each lesson."
Lynsey Mitchell
Piano & Vocal Student
"Kit has many attributes as a teacher. She has patience, an ability to personalise each song choice according to vocal range and interest and also displays a great understanding of physiology. Kit can focus my son on all musical tasks with both firmness and a sense of humour and explain breathing and extend his range with easy exercises."
Matthew Ives
Fathe & Arts Bureaucrat


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